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Bali Kemenuh Volunteer & Learning Center

Positive Thinking, Positive knowing & Positive Doing

Under the protection of Mitra Satata Foundation, BKLVC program was formed as part of a quest to raise awareness of environmental issues both in Bali and the rest of the world, and desire to improve the quality of life of the local Balinese people, specifically in the Gianyar regency.

Our aim is empowerment of the local people, and especially the younger generation, to take an active interest in the preservation of their community and natural environment, and share their knowledge with others.

Indonesia enjoys huge diversity in social life, art, culture, religion, environment and customs, with all for the most part living harmoniously alongside each other. Most Indonesian people are very pleased to be open minded, accepting the differences with mutual care and respect for one another.

BKVLC can be a part of this process, offering a platform for the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills between local people and foreign tourists and volunteers.

Vission & Mission

Positive Thinking, Positive knowing & Positive Doing

Our vision is a world where people recognize and appreciate the diversity of Indonesian culture and environment, and respect each other regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or cultural practices.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone, especially young people of Indonesia, to explore the wider world, brightening their eyes, hearts and minds with useful knowledge for their future based on empathy, sincerity and the upholding of religious and cultural values.

All About BKVLC Bali

Positive Thinking, Positive knowing & Positive Doing

Under the protection of Mitra Satata Foundation, at BKVLC we offer an exchange of culture, knowledge and skills between the local community and foreign volunteers..The program aims to empower the community with 70% employment of local people, supported by 30% volunteers from countries around the world. Our philosophy is sustainability at every level.

We aim to share and promote the natural and cultural beauty that the island of Bali has to offer, giving foreign volunteers an insight into a unique environment that will inspire and educate. The local community will pass on their skills in anything from farming techniques, to woodcarving, and language skills.

We also provide an opportunity for those same volunteers to share their own knowledge about a wide range of topics with the local community. Every volunteer will be involved in teaching English, but if you have something else to share, even better!

Finally both the volunteers and the villagers will learn together on topics such as sustainable farming techniques, recycling and garbage disposal, as these are subjects which are hugely relevant in Bali, but also the rest of the world if we are to preserve its beauty for future generations.

We aim to give as many people as possible the opportunity to explore our world in a new way, clear your eyes, your heart and your mind. The more you seek, the more you learn. Lets educate each other for a better future for everyone.

There are two sides to this. We are offering a new perspective to both the local community and the volunteers who come to stay. With Indonesia increasingly set to become a major player on the international stage, and with a significant proportion of Bali’s income reliant on its natural environment for tourism, there is a huge argument for educating the local people on sustainable living and farming practices, as well as the effect current practices on the future environment.

You will see when you come, that Bali is an island of contrasts. Stunning views across the rice fields, next to a river full of multi coloured plastic. Beautiful white sand beaches edged by an esturyof sewage.A stunning religious procession passing small children throwing their rubbish onto the road. A huge amount of these problems come down to a lack of education, but this is knowledge that in an ever increasingly urbanized and industrialized world everyone can benefit from.

Meanwhile, the English language skill you provide the local community with allows them access to jobs in businesses which would otherwise be denied to them, and when they get there they are able to take their knowledge of sustainable development with them.

It’s as simple as ‘get involved’. Our program can be built flexibly around you and your skills. But we encourage you to dig up as much information as possible on the activities you are involved with, and spend as much time as possible getting to know your village hosts, and interacting with the culture and local environment of the community.

Indonesia is a fast growing economy, but it is one that risks making the mistakes that have already been made to catastrophic effect elsewhere in the world, or falling victim to unscrupulous multinationals, in their own pursuit of industrial growth.

As just one example of many, think about the ‘forest fires’ ripping through Sumatra andKalimantan (to name but two places) every year, conveniently clearing acres of land for oil plantations. The weak soil is only fertile enough for a couple of years of crop before yet more forest has to be cleared again.

At BKVLC we see this as a fantastic opportunity to educate each other to be responsible travelers, and as volunteers you will directly and positively contribute to the local communities and environment during your stay in Bali. After several days, a week or a month with our program you will get to know the culture and environment of Bali and study the Indonesian language.

We are located in central Bali. Bali Island is part of Indonesia Republic, the world’s largest archipelago country. There are 33 provinces, 742 languages, 17,504 islands, 9,634 unnamed islands and 6,000 un-inhabited islands which make up the country of Indonesia.

Indonesia is also known as the world’s biggest maritime country, the vastness of Indonesian’s water reaches 93,000 km and the coastal length is 81 thousand km² or almost 25% the world’s coastal length. Indonesia’s forest equal 39.549.447 km² and Indonesia boasts the world’s biggest mangrove forest.

Bali Island is located between Java and Lombok Islands. Whilst the most widely followed religion in Indonesia is Islam, Bali is majority Hindu. This gives it a fascinatingly unique culture, look and charm. As with every island in Indonesia, the nature is stunning.

BKVLC is located in Kemenuh Village Sukawati Gianyar. Sukawati is one of the world’s most famous silversmith villages and Kemenuh village is known for its artist, wood craftsmen, and farmers.. It can be reached in 15 minutes from Ubud and Gianyar. As a volunteer on this program you will be given ample opportunity to travelt to visit exotic sites during your holiday in Bali. Bali is a tropical region with humid and hot climate but Kemenuh village is cooler than the beach area and Denpasar.

Whether you are a college student looking for extra academic points, a retiree looking for a new challenge, or anyone in-between, if you are sincere in your quest for knowledge and believe in what we are trying to achieve, then we would love to have you!

To participate in BKVLC volunteer program you will be given a flat charge. This will cover accommodation, local transportation, attendance of all workshops, and placement fee. You can expect to be fully immersed in the Balinese Hindu culture, surrounded by nature, and visit sites of cultural and traditional significance. Get involved and learn traditional dances, the local language, and new skills from woodcarving to rice farming.

A normal day with the project will see you teaching English in the morning, or any other skills you wish to share, whilst the afternoon will be dedicated to cultural and environmental learning and activities. The weekend is free, although we have loads of ideas if you’re stuck for where to go! For more information about what you will be getting up to, have a look at our schedules. If you have any questions, email info@bkvlc.com